Corset Sizing Information

Please note that our corsets are very size specific. Read all sizing information before purchasing your corset.

~Corset Sizing~

Natural Waist Corset Size
       23 - 24 Inches           20
       25 - 26 Inches           22
       27 - 28 Inches           24
       29 - 30 Inches           26
       31 - 32 Inches           28
       33 - 34 Inches           30
       35 - 36 Inches           32
       37 - 38 Inches           34
       39 - 40 Inches           36
       41 - 45 Inches           38

Sizing is very important when ordering a corset. The correct size will ensure that your corset is comfortable and is doing the most for your figure.

The first step in purchasing a corset is to know your measurements. Using a measuring tape you'll begin by measuring the thinnest part of your waist. This is generaly an inch above your navel. Men are usually thinnest at the navel or just below.

Once you have determined your waist measurement you'll need to subtract three from it. This will give you your corset size. For example if you measured 31 inches then your corset size will be a size 28.

If after subtracting three you end up with an odd number simply round down a size. For example if your waist is size 32 you'll subtract three and then round down to size 28.

All Corsets are equal to their size. Meaning, when a size 28 corset is laid out flat it is 28 inches across. The top and bottom vary slightly.

~Types of Corsets~

Under Bust: sits right above the hip on most people. Pulls in the waist and pushes breasts up and out.
Center front: 11 - 12" with a 10" busk
Side length: 9 3/4 - 10 1/2"
Center back: 12 1/4 - 13"
Underbust to hip: 9 1/2 - 10"

Long Cut Under Bust: Sits lower on the hips compared to regular cut

Center front: 13" - 13 1/2" with a 12" busk
Side length: 11" at slit
Center back: 14" - 15"
Underbust to hip: 11" - 12"

Waist Cincher:
Center front: 8 1/2" with 8" busk
Side length: 7"
Center back: 9 1/2"
Underbust to hip: 7 1/2"

Over Bust: sits lower on the hips and come up higher under the arms, over the breasts, and up the back. Sizes 20 & 22 use a 12" busk while sizes 24 to 38 use a 13" busk.
Based on American cup sizes our over bust corsets come in three cup sizes.
S = Cup Size A & B
M = Cup Size C
L = Cup Size D - DD

When properly tied your corset should have a gap big enough to fully clear your spine. A gap that is too big or too small will be very uncomfortable to wear and will not provide a good shape. If you feel your corset is not the corset size please let us know and we'll be happy to exchange it for you.

~Plus Size Corset Considerations~
Regardless of your body type, height or weight, corsets can help to shape your body and provide confidence. For those with fuller figures, there are some considerations that you should take into account when being sized for a corset.

The first is that most full figure people tend to “squeeze” a bit more when laced up in a corset. Those who are less curvaceous tend to not squeeze as much and therefore experience less waist reduction in a corset. If you are a bit larger in waist measurement, you can expect to see 4-6” of waist reduction in a corset (depending on the brand or designer) and you should take this into account when selecting a corset size.

The second is that you will want to ensure that you are purchasing a high quality steel boned corset that will conform to your shape over time. Cheaper corsets with plastic boning are more likely to feel uncomfortable and will not be able to support a fuller figure when tight, nor will they provide significant waist reduction. A real corset is all about providing support and shape. Every person regardless of body type will be able to take advantage of the added support an authentic corset provides.

Every company provides corsets in different size ranges. Some do not offer plus size corsets, while others do. Consult the vendor’s sizing information to determine if your waist measurement is included. We offer corsets for those with up to a 45” natural waist.

~Returns & Exchanges~
Buying a corset online means that the size might not be a perfect fit. We understand that, despite our best efforts to showcase all of our products' colors and details accurately, something might arrive that is not exactly as expected. We want to make your shopping experience with us as pleasurable and easy as possible. If your corset doesn't fit perfectly, or isn't the exact color you were expecting, then feel free to exchange or return it. Please include your reasons for return or exchange when shipping the item(s) back to us.

We allow up to 30 days for returns while the corset is in new condition and will issue a refund for the cost of the item(s). We do not issue a refund for your initial shipping cost amount. Customers are responsible for shipping both ways on all exchanges and returns.

~Lifetime Guarantee~
Although normal wear and tear is expected, all of our corsets come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. If you find a defect, we will exchange your corset free of charge. Shipping fees will apply. Please include specific information on the defect(s) found when shipping the item(s) back to us.

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