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The 72 Names Cards


“…It’s this sort of easy guidance that makes this deck such a gem. I’ve done many consultations with the 72 names and each time I’ve been astounded by the wisdom within that deck. Whether you are a fan of Kabbalah, divination systems, or Ben-Shoshan’s work, you MUST get this deck. And if you are looking for a little vault of spiritual wisdom, this is one you cannot miss… Once again, Orna Ben-Shoshan has created a fantastic tool for all seekers”.
Review Theresa Reed – “The Tarot Lady” (May 2012):

Cards review by Sheri Harshberger:
"...I am a real fan of Orna Ben-Shoshan's work. I think the images in these cards are stunning and charismatic... . I highly recommend these intriguing cards, along with the King Solomon Oracle Cards and the artist's Wheel of Wisdom to anyone interested in exploring Jewish mystical tradition, or in enhancing their reading practice with insight from an "independent" source...."
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”… I have found the cards useful for both divination and personal guidance. I particularly enjoy that this deck is designed more to provoke thought and highlight important lessons being presented on one’s path…. The advice is practical, but also deeply reflective. I found this deck challenged me, but did so in such a way that I would be more receptive to the lessons and willing to act on them… The author has dedicated many years of her life to spiritual studies and you can feel her sincere desire to help others help themselves in the messages of her cards…”
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Review by Riki Frahman
on "Mystic Living Today" Magazine, May 2011
"...God has brought me to a very special deck of 72 cards each depicting the "72 Names of God". Right from the beginning as soon as I opened the deck I could feel the deep reverence and insight associated with these cards. I found them so easy to use and the pictures are very unique and have a playful quality to them. I did a 3 card spread with the cards and found them to be totally right on... The thing I liked most about the booklet is that it broke the information of each card down for me into areas such as perspective, guidance, direction, and the ultimate bottom line. I have fallen completely in love with this energetically amazing divination tool and it immediately made it's way into my spiritual tool box. I would recommend this fresh and vibrant gift from Heaven to anyone wanting a new approach to an ancient wisdom. Thank you Orna, from the bottom of my heart for a job well done.
Love & Light, Riki Frahmann
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"...I was really amazed at how relevant the cards’ messages were for my specific situations. (I had pulled cards for a number of other scenarios, and found similar insight.) This, to me, offers value in itself and I would be more than happy to work with the cards for this reason alone."
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"... Metaphysical artist Orna Ben-Shoshan has combined this powerful energy with the Kabbalistic “72 Names of God” story and her own channelled visions to produce a deck of oracle cards that are totally different to anything you’ve seen before..."
Read a review by Rebecca Dettman about the "72 Names" cards here:

Review by Mary Nale - Tarot cards expert
"...Upon opening the box and touching the cards, I felt a sort of hush fall around me-I know this might sound a little strange but, there's an energy to these cards that makes me feel like something very spiritual is in my hands... I'm totally blown away by these cards! I can't tell you how deeply the descriptions have reached into my soul and touched on things that I won't even admit to myself!
These cards feel like a "heart to heart" that you have with yourself, leaving nothing hidden. . For me, this was a very spiritual moment and I know I will come back to these cards when I need guidance..." to see the full review visit:

Review by Ethony:
"The cards cover so much about our journey through life and gives guidance for many things. They are great for using in meditation. I like how direct they are without being harsh. These cards will work so well with anyone working with the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. Fantastic tool for spiritual development."
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