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Alphabet for Lovers


…”Readers who serve clients interested in guidance in love relationships will greatly benefit from using the Alphabet for Lovers as a supplement to a tarot reading. The cards give deep and specific insights about significant others that many clients seek from a reader. The interpretations in the booklet are well-written and sup-ply a comprehensive resource for the reader and querent.
Recommended. “
Review by Elizabeth Hazel

"... What impressed me about this oracle deck was the author's obvious wisdom in this area of life. The "advice" section of each card interpretation is filled with useful approaches to a healthy relationship which would help a lot of people if they read it. ... The simplicity of the cards would make them non-threatening and engaging enough to be a useful tool in a therapy setting, or for use between a couple as a way to kick-start discussion and mutual exploration."
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"...If you were intrigued by "Tokens of Light", you're going to LOVE "The AlphaBet for Lovers".
Once again Orna Ben-Shoshan has created an enchanting and unique divinatory set...."
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The Magical Buffet

"...The first thing that I did with this deck was a compatibility reading. I have to say – it was spot on! The artwork is gentle and minimalist ... easily interpreted by people from different backgrounds and cultures. For those who read about relationships for their clientele, or for those who want personal growth through understanding their own relationship, this is an excellent book!
It is so well done, and can be used by virtually anyone, from any background!"
Review by Bonnie Cehovet at:

…” I just received her Alphabet for Lovers pack to review. While marketed on the romance angle, it’s pretty much all relationships. I’ve used it to analyze my relationship with Mike, since that’s the relationship I have that I understand the best. It came up very, very accurate. Enough that I was a bit embarrassed here and there. Now I’m using it for other situations, friendships, etc. Since my biggest hang ups in my relationship with others is not so much what they do as why they do what they do, it’s rapidly becoming my favorite toy because it thoroughly shushes what the vast majority of my inner noise is about by giving me the insight I need. Basically it covers everything I’ve never really been able to master in the court cards of the tarot..."
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“My new favorite divination tools”

"...The Alphabet for Lovers is truly unique and as with Orna's other products you can feel the powerful energy when you handle the deck. I've never encountered the same feeling from any other deck creator's work... I did a simple one card reading concerning my relationship and the information was astounding! Very accurate and very "telling" is how I would describe it; there was nothing vague about the information given... Orna has done a wonderful job of creating not only the cards but, the booklet too. Everything is clear and easy to understand so that anyone can purchase the deck and get started right away..."
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“…It's by far the most profound love oracle I have had the pleasure of reading with and I have had some amazing insights in readings I have done with it! … I found it very easy to get a clear message on what was happening with this particular relationship dynamic and the advice sections were absolutely brilliantly apt!... I look forward to offering readings with this oracle to clients in the near future… I give the Alphabet for Lovers 5 stars!”
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Review by Ralley M. (UK)
October 2012
After having varieties of divination tools, what I found is that half the time (if not the majority of times) my questions involved concerns about certain relationship. Be it love, friendship, work or family. And those are the areas that you simply cannot resolve by pushing it through like you might do with study or work’ for example, because after all, it’s a human interaction.
What is always helpful is to understand the situation as ‘what it is’ rather than ‘what you think it is’. And it is also helpful to have wider perspective of ‘what it might really mean’ rather than ‘what you believe it means’. (You don’t need to be told repeatedly what you are consciously thinker, do you?)
The ‘Alphabet for Lovers’ is, in my opinion, great at pointing those facts. The product consists of heart-shaped cardboard ‘hearts’ which you mix in a bag and simply pull out the one you think is right. In the interpretation booklet, each ‘heart’ has its meanings divided into four detailed paragraphs: The Situation, Advice for Singles, Personality analysis and General advice. Depending on your question, you may choose one or a few relevant interpretations that suit your questions.
The images on the hearts are small but do hint about the interpretation and add a little more freedom in readings, if you wish.
The cards seem to have some eerie accuracy. First thing I tried was to see how it reads my personality and my partner’s personality. Following the guidance in the LWB, I picked a heart for each of us. What it indicated was some kind of ‘blind-spot’ of my character. Something I vaguely knew, but consciously or subconsciously, I refused to recognize. It wasn’t negative – rather, it was telling me that some seeming ‘problems’ I thought that were due to other people’s fault could be of my own making, and hence is affecting some close relationships.
By transferring the problems onto others, I wouldn’t be able to see what really is the underlying issue in myself (admittedly true). It seemed to read accurately about my partner, too. I seriously wonder how this happened…?
Another reading I did was for past, present and future, and blimey – I do not know my future yet but I do know my past which the hearts were pointing out precisely to the extent that I was nearly laughing. And yet it was confirming some facts that I instinctively knew but wasn’t completely sure about.
The advices are down to earth and don’t necessarily give you fluffy compliments or divine-coloured messages (that would make you happy for a few seconds) but practically, don’t give you a clue. This one DOES give you advices, and it’s practical, as well as detailed.
I would say, by reading some of the previously picked hearts, they seem to be psychologically true as well. For instance, part of the advice I received was: ‘If you are connected with a person who is married to his career, the only effective solution is to develop your own career and interests’. (I wouldn’t say to what extent this was true, but I must say this was spot-on…)
Finally, I found the fact that not having to consider a ‘reversed’ card meaning or there is no need for prior knowledge to divination and symbolism is fantastic.
One may have fun with trying varieties of interpretations with tarot, say, but really for your own serious questions – the last thing you want is to be guessing around among all the possible meanings and being left with more uncertainties.
With the ‘Alphabet for Lovers’ the interpretations are definitive enough that you are unlikely to be left questioning the answer.

By all means, I think this is truly an inspiring tool especially for couples. imagine that you get profound advices for the same price (or less than) you would spend on one appointment. Not to mention that you can use it over and over again.
Date Added: 01/11/2014 by Orna Ben-Shoshan
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