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Tokens of Light


"...I loved working with this oracle – it can be read on its own, or in conjunction with another oracle or Tarot deck. No previous knowledge of this system is necessary to get good readings." Read a review by Bonnie Cehovet at:
Bonnie Cehovet about the Tokens of Light

“…The artwork is stunning and The Tokens of Light were a real joy to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a more unique form of insight or divination... Anyone would truly benefit from this amazing set of cards.” Read a review by Liz Christy on Lizzieslogic: Liz Christie about the Tokens of Light

“The Tokens of Light Oracle is a new and highly original method of divination created by Israeli artist Orna Ben-Shoshan… I found an oracle capable of both spiritual depth and very direct practical advice… The 66 written interpretations provided are both comprehensive and specific… In terms of accuracy, I am able to personally give The Tokens of Light a decidedly positive rating… I hope that the examples above (given in the blog) illustrate how appropriate and ultimately accurate The Tokens of Light oracle was in my own application. Based on my experience and the wonderful information the oracle offers, I now consider it a valuable tool and intend to use it often as important adjunct to my own intuition. You have really done a great job with the oracle and I have enjoyed working with it so much.” Read the complete review about the “Tokens of Light” by Barbara Graver at the New Age Review:

"...Without being too patronizing, the reading you gave me with the Tokens still has me spell-bound with its accuracy. It has helped me greatly with my self-enquiry. It explains a great deal about challenges I have created in my life. Thank you so much and God bless your life and your work..." Comment by B.R.

...“Tokens of Light” has become one of my favorite tools for spiritual guidance... The first reading I did for myself blew me away and convinced me that these little tokens pack a very powerful punch. The advice I received about that situation was so uncanny, I was stunned. After reflecting on the message, I felt as if I had a clear answer from the universe on how I needed to proceed. As an example, if you pulled token 26 (Teth-II) for your question you get this interpretation (this is only a short portion): “Release from a stuck situation. Put your highest goal as a lighthouse on the beach where you sail. Optimism and faith in goodness will help you get out of the dense swamp into a bright spiritual reality.”
I’ve also used this system with other people and we’ve been astounded by the accuracy. In fact, just this morning I was doing readings for my son with the tarot but decided to use “Tokens of Light” in addition. When he read the interpretation, he was impressed and said to me that these coins correctly reflected his situation and he felt the advice was sounder than any offered by the other cards we were using!
You do not have to understand Kabbalah or Hebrew to work with the Tokens – this kit is suitable for anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance. And that’s the wonderful thing about this system – it’s easy to use but lends to very profound readings. It’s like having a trusted spiritual ally by your side whenever you are stumped.
I will turn to the “Tokens of Light” again and again in times of need. They are a powerful and wise friend.
Read a review by Theresa Reed at: Theresa Reed about the Tokens of lights

“Tokens of Light” is a unique addition to the expanding landscape of oracle products". Read a review by Rebecca Elson at: Rebbeca Elson's Magical Buffet about the tokens of light
“It was amazing to me how spookily accurate this divination kit of 66 indescribably beautiful tokens and its accompanying 86 page informative little booklet were. I also loved the pretty lacy silver bag to put the tokens in. After thinking of my question, I took a token out of the bag and it told me everything I needed to know. The message was straightforward and easy to understand and made so much sense. I would recommend this blessedly inspired divination tool to anyone looking for a new way to find ancient wisdom and I plan on keeping it around for a long time. Thanks Orna, I so love your work.”
Review by Riki Frahmann at "Mystic Living Today"
Date Added: 01/11/2014 by Orna Ben-Shoshan
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