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Wheel of Wisdom


…” these are my favorite “read for yourself” tools ever…
…”This is now my primary go-to tool for divination. I always get a clear answer. I always understand how the answer fits in my situation. It’s always something I can see where and how to take action or not take action – even when I don’t like the answer. It’s freaking awesome. It’s only sold independently – no Amazon for you! – so if you get one, prepare to shell out a bit since it has to be shipped from Israel.”
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“My new favorite divination tools”

“…I would recommend this blessed gift to anyone wanting that extra help quickly and easily right at their fingertips. Thanks Orna, you have definitely done it again.“
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Review by Terri Clement on ATA-Tarot:
..."After using The Wheel with my client base for daily insight, we found that this tool really packs a punch. Sometimes, it takes a little reflection to determine the message when asking a general, “what do I need to know?” question. However, was very direct and to the point when asking specific questions...."
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Review by Bonnie Cehovet, a professional divination cards reviewer:
"... I worked with some very serious questions in my life, and the responses from the oracle were outstanding! Very nice work here!..."
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Review by Mary Nale at Nale and Company:
"This is one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen for anyone who is looking for answers. The design is for self use and gives very clear answers to your question.... This is a tool that can be used by anyone and I really like that idea! There is nothing to learn or memorize and your answers are instant and easy to understand.

The artwork is very pleasing with soft colors and great detail. The wheel fits comfortably in your hands and turns smoothly...."
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Date Added: 01/11/2014 by Orna Ben-Shoshan
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