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Inner Wizard Cards


…”These 84 insight cards are quickly becoming a trusted friend and I love the Astrological correspondences that add depth and multiple layers of meaning to the message…
… I would recommend these cards to anyone looking for a positive way to start the day and to stay aligned with their Higher Self throughout the day. I would also recommend these cards to anyone interested in Astrology as they help you understand the lessons inherent in each of the 12 Zodiac signs…”
Review by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd @

“…I love the premise of this deck – short “notelets” from one’s higher self, connecting us to deep inner truths…
…The cards are viewed as the Soul Mates for the Seeker … they allow the Seeker to explore and express new things about themselves, and their relationship with the world around them…
I have found this deck to be gentle, positive, and informative. It pushes boundaries in a way that allows the Seeker to grow, without becoming defensive. It can be used alone, or as an “added value” to another type of reading…. Lovely deck to work with!...
Review by Bonnie Cehovet about the “Inner Wizard” cards at:

“… I really like these cards. They are incredibly unique and they can be used quickly; you do not need a long, large spread to get a detailed message.
I highly, highly recommend these cards for anyone and everyone who enjoys oracles…
I have read these cards for myself, for my friends… Every card that was chosen (and truthfully, any card of any of Orna's oracles that I have used and shared) had a message that needed to be heard in that time. Sometimes the message was difficult to read, other times it was comforting. But it was always something the querent needed to "hear."… This is one of my favorite things about this oracle deck. It is totally inclusive to any and all belief systems, and thus can really be used by anybody open to oracle decks…
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